Who is Devin Jose Jones? Wiki, Biography, Age, Groom, Shoots Friend, Charges, Arrested, Investigation

Devin Jose Jones
Devin Jose Jones

Devin Jose Jones Wiki – Devin Jose Jones Biography

Devin Jose Jones, a Louisiana groom, reportedly shot a friend on their wedding day after believing the man was having an affair with his new wife as they returned home.

Devin Jose Jones of Alexandria and his girlfriend were traveling with the victim after the wedding Saturday night when they were caught in traffic on I-10 in Louisiana, St. John, Mike Tregre, to L’Observateur.

Devin Jose Jones Age

Devin Jose Jones is 30 years old.

Charges – Arrested

Sheriff Mike Tregre reported that Devin Jose Jones, 30, of Alexandria, was arrested on his wedding night after shooting two people on I-10 over the Bonnet Carre spillway.

One man was shot in the leg while fleeing Jones on the interstate, while the other was shot in the hand after a bullet went through the rear window of his vehicle. The victims were airlifted to University Medical Center in New Orleans and are in stable condition.

Tregre said the St. John the Baptist Parish sheriff’s office was assisting state police with traffic control following a multi-vehicle accident on I-10 westbound at the 210-mile post around 10:45 pm Saturday night.

“While we were assisting the State Police, our 911 center began receiving calls of a shooting in traffic that was jammed from the accident. We got the call for the shooting at 11:08 p.m. ”Said Tregre.

Around 11 p.m. M., While stuck in traffic, the newlywed groom started accusing his new wife of having an affair with his friend, sitting in the car with them.

At some point, Jones got out of the car and pulled out his firearm, and chased the friend between cars along the road, shooting him and wounding him in the leg, police said.

Meanwhile, Jones’ wife stopped an ambulance and told her staff that her husband was trying to kill her before barricading himself inside, police said.

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The investigation revealed that a newly married couple still wearing wedding clothes was stuck in traffic with another passenger, whom Tregre identified as a friend of the bride. Tregre said the groom, identified as Devin Jose Jones, allegedly suspected a romantic connection between the bride and her friend.

A verbal argument led Jones to pull out a firearm and chase the friend of the girlfriend between stopped cars along the Interstate, eventually wounding him with a shot in the leg.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend stopped an ambulance and told her staff that her husband was trying to kill her. While the wife was barricaded inside the ambulance, her husband ran up to her and began trying to force his way in.

At the same time, St. John’s parish deputies who were chasing Jones on foot were able to catch up and arrest him.

Jones was charged with attempted murder in the second degree, illegal use of weapons or dangerous instruments, aggravated assault in the second degree (felony), and two counts of aggravated damage to criminal property (felony).

A portion of I-10 was closed for hours while investigators collected evidence, including the gun casings.

Tregre said the investigation is ongoing.


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