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Donald Kirk Hartle
Donald Kirk Hartle

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Donald Kirk Hartle, a Nevada man forged his deceased wife’s signature and then mailed a ballot with her name for the 2020 election, the Nevada Attorney General’s Office announced.

Donald Kirk Hartle, a 55-year-old registered Republican from Las Vegas, was charged with two counts of voter fraud for using someone else’s name and voting more than once in the same election, the attorney general said in a statement Thursday.

Donald Kirk Hartle Charged

His wife, Rosemarie Hartle of Las Vegas, died in 2017 at the age of 52 from breast cancer, he told KLAS-TV after it was announced that state officials were investigating the matter.

“That’s pretty disgusting to me, to be honest with you,” she told the outlet in November 2020, once she started the investigation. The county reported that he had received a mail-in ballot application from his wife, but Hartle said she never made it to her home.

It was initially reported that his wife’s signature on the ballot matched the signature Clark County officials had on file with Rosemarie.

“It certainly creates a lot of discomfort,” Kirk said at the time. “There’s a pretty grueling process you go through when someone goes through.”

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The alleged fraud occurred between October 26 and October 30, 2020, according to the charges.

He is the only man in Nevada to be prosecuted for voter fraud in connection with the 2020 election.

“Election fraud is rare, but when it occurs, it undermines confidence in our electoral system and my office will not tolerate it,” Attorney General Aaron D. Ford said in a statement. “I want to emphasize that our office will pursue any credible allegation of voter fraud and will work to bring violators to justice.”

Hartle is scheduled to appear in court on November 18 in Las Vegas Township Court. Both charges carry a possible prison term of up to four years, as well as a $ 5,000 fine.

Hartle is an Ahern Rental Inc. executive who was fined $ 3,000 for COVID-19 masks and social gathering violations while conducting a Trump rally for thousands in September 2020, dressed in a “Great Awakening Weekend “.


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