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Donald Meshey
Donald Meshey

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Donald Meshey allegedly stabbed 67-year-old Father Donald Meshey to death before severing the body. A Pennsylvania man faces murder charges after police found his father’s severed head on a plate in a freezer at his home, and parts of his body dismembered throughout the home.

After being arrested, police say he told them that he had discovered a “corpse doll” that looked and sounded like his father and attacked him with a knife. Police initially arrived at Meshey Jr.’s home, a small apartment building near central Lancaster, around 8.50 a.m. Wednesday after a phone call from a woman requesting a wellness check on a relative, the department said.

Donald Meshey Age

Donald Meshey is 32 years old.

Donald Meshey stabbed his father to death-Arrested

He allegedly told police in the call that Meshey Jr. had informed him that he had found what he had told him was a “corpse” in one of the rooms of his house and that there was a severed head in his freezer. When an officer arrived at the scene, the woman told them that she had personally searched the interior of Meshey Jr.’s home and had seen what she believed to be the head of one of her family members in the freezer.

After the officer knocked on the door, police say Meshey Jr. brought them into his kitchen, took his head out of the freezer, and presented it to the officer on a white plate, WGAL reported. Then the officer called for reinforcements. Meshey Jr. was then taken to the Lancaster City Police Station, where officers say he told detectives that he had found a “corpse doll” that “looked and sounded like his father.” in his father’s bedroom.

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Police say he admitted to stabbing the “corpse doll” for “two or three minutes with an eight or ten-inch knife,” police said, before dismembering the body with a handsaw. Meshey Jr. then allegedly put his father’s severed arms, legs, and head in garbage bags and placed them in his basement.

Officers say they discovered that Meshey Jr. had also placed his father’s torso in a garbage bag and stored it in a trunk before transporting it to his car in a wheelbarrow. “You can’t imagine running into something like this,” Lancaster Police Capt. Michael Winter told the WGAL.

“Obviously, it is a traumatic experience for anyone, including police officers, so yes, it is a horrible scene.” The Lancaster County Coroner confirmed that Meshey Sr. was killed by multiple stab wounds. In addition to criminal manslaughter, Meshey Jr. is charged with the abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. He is currently in custody for prosecution.


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