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Dora Marchand
Dora Marchand

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Dora Marchand An Upper West Side woman was handcuffed, thrown into a police holding cell, and treated like a criminal for a minor offense – walking her two dogs off-leash in Riverside Park, she told The Post.

Dora Marchand, took her two mini Australian Shepherds, Comet and Sophie, for a walk on August 4 and took only dog bags and her keys, leaving behind the leashes, her phone, and her ID.

Dora Marchand Age

Dora Marchand is 29 years old.

Dora Marchand was Arrested for walking her dogs without a leash

Marchand, a recent transplant from San Francisco who only moved to the city a week earlier, was about to leave the green space when a Park Control officer called and reprimanded her for not keeping the dogs on a leash, which is required in the park.

“He was like, ‘Okay, you don’t have a leash. Just don’t do it again. ‘ He gave a warning, “Marchand, a technology recruiter, recalled Wednesday.

“And then this other guy came across a field, I guess he’s like his partner, and he said, ‘No, no, no, we’re going to have to write to you.’

The officer asked for information, but Marchand couldn’t remember the address of the sublease she had just moved into and said he had no choice but to handcuff her and take her to a nearby police station to make sure she didn’t. I have no “court order.”

Video of the incident, first reported by West Side Rag, shows two officers and a Parks Department supervisor standing around Marchand, who has his hands cuffed around her back.

Though unleashed, Comet and Sophie also obediently stood nearby, circling their owner as one of the officers tried in vain to get them into wire cages. Off-camera, the officer who initiated the arrest cheerfully explained how he would use an electric lever to deliver an electric shock to them.

“I was excited that the rangers had the electric sticks or something to electrocute. He was like, ‘Oh yeah, they’re going to get them. It’s going to work, “recalls Marchand.

“I was like, ‘Are you really excited about this?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, it’s going to work. They’re not going to like it, but [they] are going to come in and we’re going to finish it. “… I was like,’ It’s weird that you’re excited about that. ‘

Marchand offered to accompany the officer to his apartment, which was around the corner so that he could prove where he lived and show him his identification, but he said he refused.

With the help of a passerby, she managed to call her boyfriend, who arrived at the park with leashes and Marchand’s ID, but it still wasn’t enough and she was forced to go to the police station.

Marchand’s boyfriend returned home with the two dogs in tow.

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Once at the police station, Marchand said she was treated like a “real” criminal: officers stripped her of her shoes and forced her to remove the laces from her pants while sitting in a cell, listening to police officers from the police station. New York mocking the parks officer for even bringing it in.

“Everyone was laughing like, ‘This is not fascist Germany, we don’t arrest people for not having dogs on a leash,’” she said.

Marchand received two tickets and she may be forced to pay up to $ 525 in fines for a situation that she said was completely disproportionate.

“They are not trying to maim anyone. They are not trying to attack anyone, and they are not approaching people, even if they just say, ‘Hey, come here pup!’ They don’t even do it because it’s like they know they have. a job, which is to watch over mom, herd her, make sure she’s safe, ”Marchand said of her cubs.

“I feel like there are other things to worry about.”

In response, a Parks Department spokesperson said that “education is always our first course of action,” but Marchand “refused to abide by the rules set by [Park Enforcement Patrol officers] and the signage on the place”.

“The employer also became confrontational and did not cooperate when asked for identifying information,” the spokesman said, a claim that Marchand emphatically denied.

“Park Enforcement Officers attempted to issue a summons to a patron in Riverside Park for two dogs unleashed on the soccer field. When she was unable to present identification, she was taken to the local police station where her identification was verified. ”

The agency noted that “handcuffs are standard” when transporting someone to the compound to ensure the “safety and protection of our officers.”


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