Who is Ekaterina Katya Tsarova? Wiki, Bio, Age, Vladimir Putin’s pal’s daughter, Cause of Death

Ekaterina Katya Tsarova
Ekaterina Katya Tsarova

Ekaterina Katya Tsarova Wiki – Ekaterina Katya Tsarova Biography

Ekaterina Tsarova was studying at an independent school in the UK. She was previously a student at Gordonstoun, Prince Charles’s alma mater in Scotland. According to friends of hers, Ekaterina had finished school in Oxford before visiting Dubai and returning to Russia in the summer.

She was quite active on social media, posting photos of herself online. She had more than 1,500 followers on Instagram. Her last post was on June 8, where she was seen in a black suit posing in a Dubai restaurant. In another May post, she wrote: “You better take care of me Lord or you will have me in your hands.” Russian state investigators are reportedly investigating her death, which was caused by uncontrolled bleeding in the brain due to “medical error.”

Ekaterina Katya Tsarova Age

Ekaterina Tsarova was 17 years old.

Cause of Death

Russian investigators are investigating the death of the teenage daughter of a former Ukrainian MP, who is also one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies. Ekaterina Katya Tsarova, 17, reportedly died after suffering a brain hemorrhage due to a “medical error”.

The father of the deceased, Oleg Tsaryov, announced the tragic news of the death of his daughter after 40 days from the date of her death. The 51-year-old said he was so overwhelmed by the death of his daughter last month that he did not dare to do so. “When your son dies, it seems that you or a part of you is dying,” said the wealthy businessman. “You die with your son and you regret not being in his place. You are already dead on the inside, although it may appear that you are still alive on the outside.

My daughter died. I couldn’t protect her from her. I will never forgive myself for this. A part of me lies and embraces her in her grave. A part of me is still alive, but it struggles to die faster and get to know her. Hug her. It would be easier if I believed in the afterlife … I’m not as strong as I thought. Some of the other teen deaths to make headlines recently include Mikayla Miller, Ma’Khia Bryant and Bennie Hargrove.

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There were some rumors online that Tsarova died of a drug overdose or she could have taken her own life. Tsaryov angrily responded to these suggestions, adding that she had complained of headaches for several weeks. “God will punish you and your children for lying,” he told a user.

And then he wrote: “For several weeks (Katya) complained of headaches, and specialists in a private clinic carried out all the tests and examinations, but they did not give the correct diagnosis. If they hadn’t been wrong, Katya could have been saved. They could have pulled the bruise out of her. The disease was identified only after autopsy. Now the case is under forensic examination. If the doctors are found to have been negligent, a criminal case will be started. The case is under the control of the Investigative Committee of Russia.


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