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Emma Presler
Emma Presler

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The search for a young Texan who allegedly burned a man to death is over. Emma Lou Presler, 19, remains in the Montgomery County Jail in Texas. She must now answer charges of setting fire to Devin Graham, 33, and survivor Karissa Lindros, 26.

Emma Presler Age

Emma Presler is 19 years old.

Victims – Arrest

The Houston Police Department announced Monday that they were looking for Presler. The suspect attacked the victims on Aug. 6 in the Montgomery County part of the city, officers said. The story drew attention, in part, because of Presler’s surprising backstory. Presler was arrested last year for allegedly murdering Sierra Rhodd, a 20-year-old disabled woman, at the victim’s home in Cypress, Texas. The judge in the previous case determined that prosecutors lacked probable cause to charge Presler, but suggested that prosecutors could take the case to a grand jury. Authorities soon arrested Presler’s boyfriend, Austin McCalla, 26, and three other men as the alleged killers.

Now, investigators locate Presler, 19, at a more recent crime scene, saying that seriously injured Devin Graham told a fire department doctor that a person named Emma doused him and Lindros with gasoline. and burned them. Relatives of the victims said this Emma was possibly Presler, authorities said.

Graham died of his injuries on August 8, authorities said. Lindros survived. Both suffered horrific injuries, according to the story in the arrest warrant affidavit. Graham had burns on more than 90 percent of his body, authorities said. Lindros suffered burns to 50 percent of his body. At the time of the incident, he sought the help of a neighbor, who said that he smelled of gasoline and that, according to the words of the document, “[Lindros’s] skin was shedding from his body,” investigators said.

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When authorities interviewed Lindros on Aug. 16 at Memorial Hermann Hospital, she was only able to communicate by nodding and gesturing with her hands instead of speaking, according to the affidavit. By communicating in this manner, Lindros indicated that it was, in fact, Presler who poured gasoline on her and Graham, that Presler did this alone, and that Presler started the fire with a cigarette lighter.

According to the affidavit, a man said he was staying at the home when the fire occurred. He allegedly said that Presler and a man she did not know arrived. Graham and Presler argued in the living room and the witness said he went to the kitchen. He said he smelled gasoline, heard an explosion, and saw flames. Graham and Lindros fled to the home while it was on fire, and the man said he used a hose to put out the flames.


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