Who is Flavia Tamayo? Wiki, Biography, Age, Ad**ult Film Star, Charges, Arrested, Investigation

Flavia Tamayo
Flavia Tamayo

Flavia Tamayo Wiki – Flavia Tamayo Biography

Flavia Tamayo was arrested last year at a hotel in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, on July 21, and undressed in front of stunned guests as police tried to handcuff her.

Tamayo, who also goes by the name Pamela Pantera, has been jailed for trafficking drugs and prostitution after being incarcerated in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo between June and September last year awaiting trial.

Flavia Tamayo Age

Flavia Tamayo is 22 years old.

The drug-trafficking gang set up

The ad**ult movie star was part of a drug gang created by prostitutes.

Cops found that the po**rn star and his accomplices had specialized in selling Class A narcotics, including cocaine.

Detectives discovered that they had been selling the drugs to wealthy clients in the Federal District, where the capital Brasilia is located.

“The information we have is that she created a package, a prostitution, and drug sale combo, either for the consumption of that [se**xual] relationship or for a later one,” said prosecutor Rafael Correa.

“She worked at first as a prostitute providing medicines to the people who hired her services.

“But there is also evidence that she also had something like a drug delivery service in the federal capital.”

Tamayo, who has been dubbed the “Queen of Gunpowder”, once appeared on the cover of Playboy in Portugal.

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Arrested – Investigation

Her arrest made headlines when police officers tried to detain her and she caused a scene at a hotel, removing her clothes in front of officers and guests.

During the raids carried out by the police in June last year, during which 37 arrest warrants were carried out, large quantities of cocaine, firearms, and ammunition were seized.

Investigators at the time said they believed the prostitute-run criminal organization had a “s**ex program” that included providing escorts and drugs to wealthy clients.

While prostitution itself is not illegal in Brazil, the employment of s**ex workers and the running of brothels are.

She also participated in the Miss BumBum Brasil pageant, which she won in 2018.

The court said the model can serve her sentence in a semi-open regime and the sentence can be appealed.


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