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Getti Kehayova
Getti Kehayova

Getti Kehayova Wiki – Getti Kehayova Biography

Getti Kehayova, a woman has shared a shocking video of an angry mother berating her for being ‘half naked’ in a local park because her sports bra and stomach were showing.

Getti Kehayova, 43, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was hanging upside down from a set of bars and hula hooping when her shirt slid down, revealing the bottom of her white sports bra.

The mother, who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest hula hoop, was practicing when the stranger approached and started yelling at her about her ‘obscene’ outfit.

Getti Kehayova Age

Getti Kehayova is 43 years old.

TikTok Viral Video – Las Vegas park

Another local captured the alleged confrontation on camera, and Getti shared the TikTok video, where it has gone viral.

Getti was wearing a white tank top and shorts for running in the park, and the only reason her sports bra was showing while she was upside down was because of gravity.

The unknown woman, who was pushing her son in a stroller, angrily pointed at her blouse that was slipping down while she was on the bars.

Everybody around here is watching this! You’re half-naked right there, ‘she screamed. “This is a place where children play.”

Getti warned the woman to get away from her while she hula-hooped and said, ‘Take care.’ I’m trying to film. ‘ But the woman would not leave her personal space.

‘This is a place for family. You can’t be half-naked up there, ‘he continued ranting. She then turned to Getti’s husband, Michael, and asked, ‘Do you agree with this?’

Getti tried to ignore the woman, but when the stranger caught his son filming his hula hooping, he began to complain that everyone was on ‘the TikTok’.

‘This is where children play, this is a place for families. That’s so obscene, ‘he continued. ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this in our neighborhood park with almost no clothes on. That’s totally revealing. ‘

Michael stepped between the woman and his wife while he tried to ease the situation. It was then that the woman claimed that Getti and her husband were going to ‘wake up’ her baby, even though she was the one screaming.

The woman finally grabbed Getti’s hula hoop and threw it to the ground, forcing her to get off the bars.

The man who was filming the moment tried to intervene, and that’s when the woman started yelling at him, saying that she was none of her business.

She also yelled at Getti’s son to stay away from her baby, even though he wasn’t doing anything. When her protective parents told her to back off, she screamed, ‘You guys are off-limits.’

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Getti once again tried to explain that she was just exercising, but the woman wanted to know why she was wearing “revealing clothes.”

“You’re wearing revealing clothes too,” Getti replied to her mother, who was wearing a cardigan over a sleeveless V-neck top and skirt.

The woman then removed Getti’s hula hoop from him. “Let me show you what you can do for a TikTok,” she said before tossing it to a lamppost. “Find another place to uncover your belly,” she added.

It was then that Getti and Michael stopped reasoning with her and decided to go with her son.

When she posted the video on TikTok on August 29, she said that she ‘is still in shock’ from the unprovoked confrontation.

TikTok has been viewed 2.4 million times and received over 14,000 comments from people who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. ‘Have you never been to a public swimming pool ?!’ asked one person.

“I could never imagine thinking that someone’s stomach is more harmful to a child than his behavior and language,” added another.

Others were convinced the video had to be staged, with one TikTok user saying it was ‘largely a staged parody’. “This is by no means real,” someone else said, while another agreed: “This can’t be real.”

However, Getti insisted in the comments that it was “not a joke.”



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