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Adie Timmermans
Adie Timmermans

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The Antwerp Zoo this week told Adie Timmermans, a regular at the zoo’s primate enclosure, that it would forbid her to see the apple of his eye: Chita, a 38-year-old chimpanzee. I love that animal, and he loves me, ”Timmermans told Belgian news channel ATV, adding that she had been visiting Chita every week for four years.

Timmermans described her interactions with Chita as a “real relationship” and said that her bond with the chimpanzee was like “having an affair.” The primate enthusiast also shared clips of herself pressing against the glass of the monkey enclosure, “kissing” Chita through the glass and greeting him.

Adie Timmermans Age

The age of Adie Timmermans is unknown.

Adie Timmermans was kicked out of the zoo after an unhealthy relationship with the chimpanzee

Forget about a monkey’s uncle, this woman wants to be one’s wife. A monkey lover was banned from visiting a male chimpanzee at a zoo in Antwerp, Belgium after authorities declared that their relationship was unhealthy for the animal’s socialization with other chimps.

“I love that animal and he loves me,” Adie Timmermans told Belgian channel ATV about her simian soulmate, according to LadBible. The grieving woman had reportedly been visiting the male chimpanzee, named Chita, weekly for four years in what she described as a true “relationship.”

During their visits, the two crossover lovers were supposed to kiss and greet each other through the glass of the primate’s enclosure, although fortunately, they did not participate in any interspecies screams. However, Timmermans believes that his attraction is mutual.

Unfortunately, the zoo has put an end to their unorthodox love story, as it allegedly caused Chitah to be rejected by her fellow apes. When Chita is constantly surrounded by visitors, the other animals ignore him and don’t consider him part of the group, ”zoo curator Sarah Lafaut told ATV about the pariah primate, who reportedly spends 15 hours after hours visiting humans. , only. as a result of his banishment.

Lafaut explained: “An animal that concentrates too much on people is less respected by his companions. We want Chita to be a chimpanzee as much as possible. Timmermans, for example, is devastated by her ex-communication from the zoo. “I have nothing else,” protested the heartbroken girl. “Why do you want to delete that?”

She added that her exile was especially unfair since other zoo visitors can still visit her primate lover. Unfortunately, the ban may ultimately prove futile: Zoo officials do not believe that Chita can be reintegrated into chimpanzee society, as her exposure to humans began at a young age.

Originally a pet, the young chimpanzee was donated to the wildlife facility at an age when it became unruly and has spent 30 of the last 38 years in captivity, LadBible reported. As a result, Chita is very friendly with people to the detriment of her relationship with her own kind. He was even seriously injured during a fight in 2008 with other male chimpanzees.

In fact, researchers at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo have found that human-reared chimpanzees had difficulty integrating with other chimpanzees with social deficiencies that lasted for decades after their release from captivity.

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Timmermans and Chita reportedly kissed and greeted each other. However, there was no monkey business involved and the relationship was strictly platonic to be very clear. But that doesn’t stop Timmermans from responding to the Antwerp Zoo for separating her from her lover. The zoo appears to be firm in her decision, as Chita was being abandoned by her ape friends due to her relationship with Timmermans and it is not the ideal situation for him.

“When Chita is constantly surrounded by visitors, the other animals ignore him and do not consider him part of the group,” zoo curator Sarah Lafaut told ATV, explaining that Chita spent more than 15 hours completely alone outside the visiting hours of the humans. “An animal that concentrates too much on people is less respected by his companions. We want Chita to be as chimp as possible, ”she explained. While Timmermans, on the other hand, lamented: “I have nothing else. Why do you want to remove that? ”

The zoo’s decision may be considered cruel by Timmermans, but it is a step in the right direction, as zoo officials believe there won’t be much to be gained by forbidding him to visit Chita. The animal’s exposure to humans began at a young age and it was raised as a pet before ending up at the zoo. Chita has spent 30 of her 38 years on earth in captivity and is quite human-friendly as a result, which in turn has proven detrimental to her relationship with her own species. A study at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo found that human-raised chimps had trouble mixing with socially awkward chimps, a condition that sometimes cannot be fixed for years. Chita was even seriously injured during a fight with male chimpanzees in 2008.


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