Who is Dannielynn Birkhead? Wiki, Biography, Age, Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Instagram

Dannielynn Birkhead
Dannielynn Birkhead

Dannielynn Birkhead Wiki – Dannielynn Birkhead Biography

Dannielynn Birkhead is an American reality television personality and child model. She is the only child of Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead and was the focus of Dannielynn Birkhead’s paternity case. Birkhead, a celebrated Kentucky photographer, took her challenge to court to legitimize her claim. After DNA testing, Birkhead formally established himself as a father. After gaining custody of her daughter, Dannielynn’s last name was changed from Stern to Birkhead.

When Birkhead was five months old, her mother died of an accidental drug overdose at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. In 2008, she was declared the sole heir to Smith’s estate, estimated at $ 700,000. At 16 months, Birkhead underwent surgery to correct the strabismus in one of her eyes. Her father also wore a patch so the couple could “play pirates together.”

At age six, Birkhead participated in a modeling campaign for Guess Kids, the Guess children’s clothing line. Guess co-founder Paul Marciano said, “Dannielynn has the same playful spirit that her mother had on set.” The campaign was followed by the Spring 2013 line. She and her father have attended the Kentucky Derby since 2008, where her parents first met.

In August 2014, Federal Court Judge David O Carter ruled that Dannielynn Birkhead will not receive $ 44 million from the estate of the late E. Pierce Marshall, son of J. Howard Marshall. Her father was hoping that Dannielynn would receive a substantial amount of money in fines. Judge Carter rejected this request, ruling that “there was simply no evidence in court to justify awarding penalties against Pierce Marshall’s estate.”

Dannielynn Birkhead Age

Dannielynn Birkhead is 14 years old.

Dannielynn Birkhead keen on Hollywood career

The late actress Anna Nicole Smith’s teenage daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, is in awe of her mother’s success and would like to pursue her career in Hollywood, but on her own terms, her father Larry Birkhead has said. Dannielynn is 15 years old and is in the care of her father after the famous model died of an accidental overdose in February 2007. She was only 39 years old.

Larry has given some details about her daughter’s interest and in an interview with In Touch Weekly magazine, the photographer said: “There are times when she says, ‘I wish I could be in it.’ Like when she saw Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academia. “She also added:” If she does something, she will be on her terms. She is determined to be her own person. ”

The 48-year-old father also explained how Dannielynn genuinely admires her mother’s work, which included her work on films like “The Hudsucker Proxy” and “Naked Gun 33”: The Final Insult, and modeling for brands like Guess. . , H&M, Heatherette. and Lane Bryant.

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“We went to the Guess store the other day, and Dannielynn saw a big poster of Anna and said, ‘Oh God, she did that picture right.’ She understands that her mother was a model and appreciates it,” Larry said.

Larry also praised Smith’s fans for keeping her memory alive but mentioned that Dannielynn is the most important part of her legacy. He said: “The fans do a lot. everyone remembers her birthday, even sad days like the anniversary of her death. But I think Dannielynn is a big part of that. She is Anna’s legacy. ”

This comes a year after the teenager shared with DailyMail that she could follow in her mother’s footsteps. Speaking to DailyMail TV host Jesse Palmer, Dannielynn said: “She’s really cool that you like her, she acts like a character and not yourself. It’s like playing a new person. It’s fun. “Palmer then talked about the ET interview and called Dannielynn a sweet teenage girl who looks like her late mother.” It will be interesting to see what happens to him, ”added the television personality.

Palmer also shared that Larry “is raising her [Dannielynn] in Kentucky, trying to give her this normal life away from the limelight. So she’s a great catch-up. “The former professional footballer said that Larry does everything possible so that his daughter understands what his mother was like.” There are some tokens all over the house in memory of her and in her honor. daughter about who her mother was [and] what she did, “Palmer said, noting that Larry also had to monitor what the teenager was reading and seeing on social media about her mother’s past.


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