Who is Bill Omar Carrasquillo? Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Youtuber, Net Worth, Charged, Arrested

Bill Omar Carrasquillo
Bill Omar Carrasquillo

Bill Omar Carrasquillo Wiki – Bill Omar Carrasquillo Biography

Bill Omar Carrasquillo is YouTuber. His channel has been growing rapidly and has more than 485,000 subscribers. He shares all the events of his daily life on the Internet.

He was born on September 6, 1986; his childhood saw him struggle with many things. Although his father was a well-known property dealer in Philadelphia, his mother could not spend more time with him because she suffered from addiction. This caused Omar to be removed from custody and he began to live with his father and his stepmother.

At a very young age, he decided to earn fame and respect in everyone’s eyes. He started his channel at a very young age but was unable to pay attention to it due to the poor financial stability of his family.

He diverted his work and took on the position of a freelance application developer, which changed his life forever. His work increased his confidence and also helped him improve his entrepreneurial instincts. There was no going back after that, and his net worth jumped to more than $ 50 million.

Today, he has 30 workers working under him. Bill has more than 300 properties in Philadelphia and nearby areas. He is one of the hottest names in the housing business.

Bill Omar Carrasquillo Age

Bill Omar Carrasquillo is 35 years old.

Youtube Channel

He has more than 485 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. Its content is a complete reflection of his work and shares all the events of his daily life on the Internet. Recalling the difficult time in his life, Bill was previously quoted as saying: Giving up was never an option.

I knew that my sacrifice would one day be worth it for my family. He firmly believes in the fact that determination and ambition come at no cost. It is essential to work hard to fulfill your dreams since no one else will do it for you.

His arrest was broadcast live – Charged

In the hallway of his New Jersey home on Tuesday, Bill Omar Carrasquillo was wearing only neon yellow underwear when federal agents handcuffed him.

For nearly two years, Carrasquillo, who flaunted his glittering jewelry and sizable car collection to hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers, said he knew the day was coming. Carrasquillo, who impersonates Omi in an online Hellcat, even told a local news station that his arrest was “100 percent a relief” because he will finally have his day in court.

In November 2019, federal agents raided his home, seized cars, cameras and televisions, he told his YouTube followers. “I’m going to go to jail for a few years,” he said in the video posted after the raid. He has been viewed almost 2 million times.

In an indictment revealed Tuesday, prosecutors charge Carrasquillo and two associates with stealing copyrighted material from cable companies and redistributing that content through a streaming service that Carrasquillo set up and charged customers to use. From March 2016 to roughly November 2019, Carraquillo and his partners made more than $ 30 million, money he used to buy big houses and fast cars that he flaunted on social media, prosecutors say.

If convicted, Carrasquillo faces “not a few years,” as he indicated, but a maximum of 514 years, prosecutors said.

Carrasquillo has publicly admitted that he runs a streaming business, known as an Internet Protocol Television or IPTV service, but has long maintained that he was not doing anything illegal. “I found a loophole, I ran through it and did really well,” he told WTXF on his driveway this week after he was released from jail on a $ 50,000 bond.

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In an email sent to The Washington Post, Carrasquillo’s attorney, Donte Mills, reiterated Carrasquillo’s claim that his business was legitimate and he plans to prove it in court.

“Sir. Carrasquillo took advantage of a new, unregulated industry and was very successful,” Mills wrote. “Most people are called pioneers when they do that; Omar is called a criminal.”

IPTV services have become a billion-dollar industry, according to a recent study by the Digital Citizens Alliance, a group focused on Internet security. They are lucrative for their operators, who pay nothing for the content they distribute and therefore can operate at considerable profit margins, according to the study.

In August 2019, a federal grand jury indicted eight people for operating Jetflicks, which redistributed “tens of thousands” of copyrighted television episodes to subscribers, according to prosecutors.

On Tuesday, a woman at Carrasquillo’s home broadcast her arrest on Instagram Live; part of the live feed was posted on YouTube. Federal agents invaded the house and removed Carrasquillo in handcuffs after he dressed.

Prosecutors are looking for Carrasquillo and his partners to lose about $ 35 million, as well as dozens of cars, including several Lamborghinis, according to the indictment.

“I don’t think he did anything wrong,” Carrasquillo said from his entrance this week. “We are going to have our day in court now.”


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