Who is Derremy Jerrell Walker? Wiki, Biography, Age, Oviedo High School, Filming, Sentenced to 60 years in prison

Derremy Jerrell Walker
Derremy Jerrell Walker

Derremy Jerrell Walker Wiki – Derremy Jerrell Walker Biography

Derremy Jerrell Walker, a former contract custodian at Oviedo high school, was convicted in June after two 15-year-old girls found an “active recording cell phone” hidden under a sink in a student bathroom in November. 2019, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida said on Wednesday.

“Mr. Walker did more than produce horror, he stole the innocence and trust of these young victims,” said Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Tampa, Michael McPherson.

Derremy Jerrell Walker Age

Derremy Jerrell Walker is 31 years old.

Filming in high school bathroom – Sentenced to 60 years in prison

The girls snatched the phone and took the device to the school administrators, who alerted the Oviedo police. Walker was later arrested in February 2020 and immediately trespassed the school while he was relieved of his duties, WFLA reported.

Cops at the time said the sickening footage also showed Walker “leaning” the phone under a sink in a cubicle designed for people with disabilities.

Prosecutors said an analysis of the cell phone found that Walker, 31, of Sanford, had hidden the device in the same location twice in early November 2019, creating an hour-long video of students in the barn.

The cell phone had been recording for about 15 minutes before the girls found it. In all three cases, Walker positioned the device’s camera to capture the genitals of anyone using the bathroom, prosecutors said.

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Investigators eventually identified eight of the 12 students who were unknowingly recorded while in the barn. Walker had also installed a hidden camera on a cell phone in the faculty bathroom earlier that month.

In addition to 60 years in federal prison, a judge ordered Walker to serve life on supervised release and to register as a s**ex offender after completing his sentence. A federal jury found him guilty in June of two counts of using or attempting to use children to produce se**xually explicit videos, authorities said.

“We are pleased with the judgment handed down in this case and we will continue efforts to protect children in our communities from se**xual exploitation and abuse,” McPherson said.


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