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Broselianda Hernandez
Broselianda Hernandez

Broselianda Hernandez Wiki, Biography

Broselianda Hernandez Boudet was a stage, television, and Cuban movie actress. She was born in Havana, Cuba (3 August 1964).

Broselianda Hernandez was located dead at the age of 56 on the shoreline of Miami Beach. The cause of death for Hernandez was drowning, reports The Miami Herald.

In a 2010 interview with Cuba Debate, Hernandez said that she seldom felt as though she was 80 years old due to her distress and bipolar. Hernandez stated, “I say that I am very bipolar.” During the same interview, Hernandez said that she raised her then-teenage daughter Sofia alone.

Hernandez said, “It’s my life; it’s my everything. I have dedicated all kinds of things to her, from performances, interviews, I have dedicated my entire life to her.” The Miami Herald reported at the time of Hernandez’s death that in accession to her daughter, she was also survived by her spouse Jorge Fernandez Falcon and parents Rosa Boudet and Rolen Hernandez.


Hernandez was 56 years old.


She began an intensive and fruitful career in drama, television, and movie, graduating from the Higher Institute of Art. He had an impossible passion for acting from a very young age.
Title in Acting, with a Gold Degree from the Higher Institute of Art in 1987. Vicente Revuelta’s pupils, Isabel Moreno, and Miriam Lezcano. After graduating, she joined the cast of José Antonio Rodríguez’s theatre group Buscón, a group in which she acted until 1994. She later became part of the group El Público, headed until 1999 by Carlos Díaz.


She considered joining the Buendía theater group as a guest actress under the management of Flora Lauten.

He has performed in many television series, among which the telenovelas reach out when the earth and Las Conrad’s return to the water.

In 1986, in the fictional short Castillos en el Aire, led by Rebeca Chávez, he started his first foray into a movie, a sign in which he has also developed. She acted at the Spanish Gala Theater Company in Washington in 2000 as a guest actress.

Cause of Death and Investigation

Broselianda Hernández’s dead body was found on November 18, 2020, in the waters of a beach in North Miami Beach, the city where she lived.

The officials were investigating the causes of his death, even though all indicated that she died drowned without strong indications. She was 56 years old.

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The Associated Press declares that Hernandez’s death showed no proof of foul play. ADV reports that Hernandez had been staying for five years in Miami, Florida.
According to the AP, early on the morning of November 18, police were called to the scene after a witness described seeing a body floating in the sea. Hernandez’s family said that late on November 17, the actress went out to purchase cigarettes and was not heard from again.

Net Worth

Broselianda Hernandez Net Worth is unclear.


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