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Crystal DiGregorio
Crystal DiGregorio

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Former pastor Crystal DiGregorio has confirmed that he will return to OnlyFans. The 37-year-old, who will use her former stage name Nadia Hilton, is still an ordained minister following a “180” decision to turn her back on the ad**ult film industry six years ago.

However, speaking in a recent interview, she revealed that she is reviving her profile on the online platform after growing weary of dealing with critical parishioners. “I decided to take a step back from all that after seeing a lot of judgment from the people in the church. Very critical, she told syracuse.com.

“I’m not in any particular group anymore,” she added. DiGregorio had initially moved from New York to Los Angeles at the age of 16, gaining notoriety by appearing in more than 100 ad**ult films in a span of ten years.

In addition to her game, she earned nearly £ 250,000 a year, lived in a mansion, drove flashy sports cars, and even owned her own nightclub. However, in 2015 she left all of that to join the Church and married her husband David Bassette when they formed New Beginnings Christian Life Church in New York.

But now that she has remarried and lives away from the church, she confirmed that she is embracing her alter ego once more as she embarks on a new chapter in her life, erasing her faith and belief. her beliefs. the passion of her.

Crystal DiGregorio has confirmed that she will be returning to OnlyFans

On a recent episode of the YouTube series “Brand New Me,” he reflected on his experiences over the past 21 years. She admitted, “After po**rn, I did a 180 and became a pastor, and now I just want to be me.” DiGregorio told syracuse.com that she doesn’t do po**rn scenes with other people on OnlyFans. Instead, she complies with people’s requests, including the option to get monetized personal snapshots and videos.

“People are quite respectful. I don’t have any problems about it, ”she said. The career change comes at a time when the online platform has more than 130 million users and 2 million creators. A large subsection of these is believed to include many female workers. who, like Crystal, promote their own content.

In August, the site caused controversy when it initially announced that it would be blocking se**xually explicit content on its app. As of October 1, members could still post nude content, but they would have to obey OnlyFans’ new policy prohibiting se**xually explicit images and videos.

But the policy was quickly reversed after the sex workers were “angry and confused.” It has meant that Crystal can start making money from the site that has earned a collective total of $ 5 billion for its workers. And the mother of four, who still goes to church, now believes that she has perfect harmony in her life.

She added: “By doing OnlyFans as a Christian, I know I’m going to get criticized.” “But the way I look at the ad**ult content posting is that God brought me into this world naked. Posting nude photos, I don’t think it’s such a big crime or, you know, such a big sin. “I’m happy to be in the middle. Not all po**rn, and not all church.”

Originally from New York, DiGregorio faced se**xual abuse as a child by two different people. She admitted that the trauma of her child abuse had pushed her into the ad**ult film industry. At 16, she moved from New York to Los Angeles and began acting in po**rn movies. During her decade-long career, she starred in more than 100 movies and earned $ 300,000 a year. At one point, she owned a mansion in Malibu with a cook, a gardener, and a maid, and she was driving a Ferrari.

However, after spending nearly a decade in the industry, Gregorio gave up everything to join the Church. she married the New York pastor, David Bassette, and she became a pastor herself. She also became a mother to her son Carter. Together, the couple founded New Beginnings Christian Church in New York.

Her fairy tale, unfortunately, did not have a happy ending, as she remarried and walked away from the church. She is still a believer but has decided to embrace her old self hers and go back to po**rn through OnlyFans. Ironically, she shared in a recent interview that her OnlyFans subscribers are “quite respectful” and that she doesn’t face much of a problem with requests for personal videos and photos of her. “After po**rn, I did a 180 and became a pastor, and now I just want to be me,” she shared on a YouTube series “Brand New Me.”

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